Hey, writer friend!

Do you call yourself a writer? An author?

Do you own your passion?

Or do you shy away when someone asks you what you do?

“I like to write…”

“I do a bit of writing…”

“I’d like to be a writer…”

“I want to be an author…”

STOP! Do you write or don’t you? Yes? Then you ARE a writer! Have you written a book? Yes? Then you ARE an author!

Why do writers sometimes mumble about what they do, shuffle awkwardly and stare at the floor when someone asks about their work?

Simple, because no one knows who they are.

When no one knows who you are it can be hard to believe what you do has any value. But of course that’s illogical.

Here's what I think...

That you can achieve everything you hope for with your writing.
That you control your own success.
That waiting for your book to be ‘discovered’
is a desperate waste of your time and talent.
That book marketing is not a mystery
and you can learn to do it yourself.
That if you’re ready to be a writer,
not a *wannabe* or *aspiring* writer,
that you can be the author you always dreamed of being.
And earn a real living from your writing too!
That the only limits to your success
are the limits you impose on yourself.
That if you want to be a *real* author and make real money from your books,
the opportunity is just waiting for you to grab it with both hands.

Sound good?

Since you’ve found your way here something tells me you’re ready to own your writing and do something about your book exposure, whether you’ve already published or are just preparing for that glorious moment ahead of time (bonus points to you, early bird!).

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Hi, my name is Belinda Griffin

Book Marketing Coach and Author Publicity Expert

I help authors of all kinds launch and market their books with impact, so they can grow a thriving community of engaged readers, sell more books and make the difference in the world they care about making.

My specialty is making powerful marketing strategies simple and relatable so that authors like you can build a readership that’s passionate about what you do.

Growing a loyal readership and securing publicity through authentic relationship building and outreach is at the heart of everything I teach. 

When I started working with authors in 2017, no one knew I existed. But through guest blogging, building relationships with others already a few steps ahead of me in the book marketing space and growing an email list of loyal fans, I have become known as an author marketing expert.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, are self-publishing or have a trade deal, I want to show you how you can find your readers and be successful with your writing, whatever 'successful' looks like to you.

Don't know where to start?

Discover where to spend your time and budget for better book sales with this free guide to investing your book marketing budget for fiction and non-fiction authors.