February 3

Women In Publishing Summit | What is it & why should YOU attend?

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Are you looking for a one-stop event where you can learn everything about writing, editing, publishing and marketing a book? Whether you write fiction, non-fiction or children's books, this year's Women in Publishing Summit, March 1-8, 2021, is for you. Early bird registration is now open!
In this post, I'm going to tell you exactly what you can expect from this awesome annual event and why I am thrilled to be taking part in it again this year.
The Women in Publishing Summit is hosted by my good friend Alexa Bigwarfe. Alexa puts everything into this conference to make it as incredible for you as possible. She packs in so much value and puts in so much hard work, and it really pays off.

The education

The Women in Publishing Summit is the biggest online conference dedicated to women. It features more than 40 authors, publishers, designers, editors, marketers, and more, all dedicated to providing educational resources and workshops for authors.
I absolutely love this event because it is so educational. Whether you're just starting out and writing that first draft, or whether you have already published dozens of books and are looking to up your game with some advanced publishing and marketing strategies, there is something for everyone.
And there is so much to learn! Alongside all the tutorial workshops, there are live Q&A sessions, there are panel discussions and there are expert interviews. So there's so much to listen to, but it's not passive learning. You can go away and implement what you learn. It's not a sales pitch event either, you're not going to be sold to in every single workshop. You simply get real information that you can go away with and put into practice to improve your whole author business.

The community

The other thing I love about the Women in Publishing Summit is the community experience. There is a Facebook group where you can connect with other participants. You can share top tips and experiences and stories and all of those great things. But you can also connect with some of the experts and speakers that are appearing at the event. So you can dig deeper into what they taught you in their workshop, you can ask questions, and you can ask how things apply to you specifically. It truly is an awesome community experience.

The swag

Now, if the education and the community experience isn't enough, there is one more thing I love about the Women in Publishing Summit, and that is the swag! There are so many freebies, so many prizes, so many giveaways that all the experts are providing for you. When you attend one of their workshops, they're most likely to offer something extra for you at the end. So you can get discounts to some of their premium price courses, you can get checklists, you can get guides, you can get all sorts of things on top of your ticket to the event. So it is amazing, amazing value!

Register now

The Women in Publishing Summit is a paid-for conference. It's incredible value with so much going on, I think it is well worth the full price ticket. But, right now you can register for the early bird ticket and get $100 off that full ticket price. So do not wait! If you are interested in this conference, I absolutely urge you to go and register now and get your ticket for the very best price.
I look forward to seeing you at the Women in Publishing Summit 2021!


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