February 17

What I’m Sharing At The Women In Publishing Summit 2021

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Do you know who your target readers are? And more importantly, do you know where to find them so you can get in front of them, talk to them about your books, and ultimately turn them into raving fans? If not, my Women in Publishing Summit workshop is just what you need!

Women in Publishing Summit 2021

I am super excited to be speaking at the upcoming Women in Publishing Summit, which is happening March 1-8, 2021. If you haven't got your ticket yet, you absolutely must grab it before the price goes up. Right now, early bird tickets are on offer and you can get yours here.

So what will I be talking about at the Women in Publishing Summit? I am running a workshop called How To Find Your Target Readers (and what to do with them!). This is so important for book marketing. It's the very first essential step. If you don't know who you're marketing to, then everything else is pretty much a waste of time. You need to know who you're getting in front of so you can select the best places to go where they're hanging out. And you need to know who they are so you can choose the right marketing messages that will resonate with them.

When you know your readers well, you can write Amazon blurbs that resonate with your readers. You can choose the best social media platform to be on where they're hanging out, because nobody has time to be on every single platform. And you can choose the best book marketing strategies for you that are going to work to get in front of your readers and convert them into buyers.

Who are your readers?

So the first thing we're going to do in my workshop is figure out who your target readers are. Your book is not right for everyone. Not everyone is going to love it. And I know that may be painful to hear, but the sooner you accept it, the easier it will be to get it into the hands of the people who will love it.

I have a few proven strategies that I use with my private clients all the time to help them identify their target readers. One of those strategies is to look at your comps. So what other books are your readers reading right now? It can be tricky to decide who your comps are. It can be tricky to even decide what genre your book is in. So that's something that I'll be walking people through in my workshop.

Women in Publishing Summit

How to get in front of your readers

The second thing we'll be doing in my workshop is looking at the best ways of getting in front of your target reader so you can start talking to them about your book. Depending on who your target reader is, they may be hanging out on Facebook, or they may be on Instagram, or they might even be somewhere else entirely such as TikTok. Knowing where your readers are can help you decide where you should be, and what messages you should be using. Whether you should be using paid ads, whether you should be offering discounts, whether you should be KU exclusive. All these decisions you need to make as a self-publisher, are much easier to make when you know who your target readers are.

You don't want to be everywhere doing all of the things. No one has time for that. No one has the energy for that. So you need to be strategic. And one way you can be strategic is to think, “Who are my readers? What do they need to hear from me? Where do I need to be to get in front of them?” And that's what we'll be looking at in my workshop.

Find your marketing system

And that brings me to the third thing we'll be doing in the workshop. We'll be discovering a system that you can put in place to help you get in front of your target readers over and over again to simplify your book marketing. This system is going to allow you to grow your readership over time and improve your book sales. So you're not always launching a new book from a standing start. You have a pool of fans ready and eager to help you every time you launch a new book.

There are 1,001 things you could be doing to market your book. And there's so much information online. There are YouTube videos, there are blogs, there are podcasts, there are books, there are courses. So much to learn and so many things you could be doing. And all those things are valuable and you could be doing any of them, but you cannot do them all. So you want to simplify your book marketing, find what works for you and what is going to work for your readers. And then keep things really, really simple so you can keep going with it and not fall off the wagon.

That's my aim as a book marketing coach, to help you find the strategies that work for you. And in my target readers workshop for the Women in Publishing Summit, that's exactly what I'll be doing.

Get your ticket for the Women in Publishing Summit

And of course, there are going to be so many other incredible workshops from incredible experts and authors at the Women in Publishing Summit. So make sure you grab your ticket. Tickets are currently on sale for the very best price. Early bird pricing carries on until March 1. So grab your ticket now, and I will see you at the summit where you will be learning some amazing things. You'll be able to interact with other authors and other attendees at the summit through the Facebook group and some live events. And you will also want to make sure you grab your freebies, your swag, your discounts which you get as a summit attendee.

I cannot wait for this event and I cannot wait to see you there!


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