The Stress-Free Book Sales System Self-Study Program

Create a feel-good book marketing action plan that puts an end to juggling 101 time consuming tactics and you in charge of your book sales.

Are you spending hours and hours putting together social media posts or writing newsletters only to find nothing comes of them?

Maybe you get a 'Like' or a share, but no book sales.

It doesn't seem to matter how much time or energy you put into book marketing, or which new tool you try, NOTHING works and you're about ready to give up.

When you do make a sale you bust out your happy dance! And then discover that it was your great aunt's friend who bought it… 

Will you ever sell books to people you don't know?! 😩

Maybe you've tried to follow some kind of marketing plan in the past, but it just didn't feel fun.

Plus, it was hard to find the time to fit in everything you were told to do around writing and your other commitments.

And let's not forget, it's a struggle to stick with a plan when you're not seeing any results!

There is a better way! Are you ready to take control?

Imagine having a marketing system that fits in with your life, aligns with your values and feels totally doable. And that best of all, helps you to sell more books

  • It would mean having a steady stream of readers buying your books and eagerly awaiting the next one.
  • It would mean having the freedom to work on new writing projects or keep up with your other commitments because your marketing efforts aren’t stealing your time or zapping your energy.
  • It would mean being able to promote your book without selling your soul or being overwhelmed by costly or time-consuming tools and tactics.
  • It would mean feeling proud of your achievements as you step into being the successful writer you always dreamed of becoming.
  • If you are the kind of author who 'doesn't like marketing' (is there any other kind?!)...
  • If you need a plan that is going to fit around you, not take over every second of your free time...
  • If you're looking for something stress-free and that you can stick to long-term...
  • If you're ready to FINALLY sell some books...

The Stress-Free Book Sales System is for you!

Let Me Show You What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

In this 6-week self-study program you will get the foundations of your author platform in place and devise a book marketing action plan that works for you, your books and your life, so you can sell more books with less stress.

Connect With Readers

Growing a loyal readership through authentic relationship building is at the heart of everything I teach. This program will help you connect with readers in a non-pushy way that builds trust.

Take The 'Ickiness' Out Of Marketing

Are you worried about coming across as 'salesy'. I'll show you how to take the ickiness out of marketing and earn the right to sell in a way that feels good.

Keep Things Simple

Too many authors give up on marketing after burning themselves out juggling too many tactics that don't lead anywhere. We're going to simplify your book sales strategy, so you can stick with it long-term.

Spend More Time Writing

Discover a clear path to book sales with a marketing action plan that you can fit into your schedule, so you can spend more time writing and less time marketing.

Phyllis Melhado

Women's Fiction Author

I learned what is required to sell books

Belinda's eagerness to share her expertise with authors is wonderful. I learned a great deal about what is required to sell books in today's jam-packed book universe and it's a difficult world to navigate, so having Belinda as a guide is invaluable.

Dr Nicki Steinberger
Dr Nicki Steinberger

Health & Wellness Author

My inspiration and empowerment as an author rose considerably

Belinda opened my eyes to new ideas to connect with my ideal readers, nurture new relationships, and enhance my exposure. Above all, my inspiration and empowerment as an author rose considerably.

Alexandra Amor
Alexandra Amor

Fiction & Non-fiction Author

Overwhelm had led to paralysis

I was overwhelmed with all the book marketing options available to me, and that overwhelm had led to paralysis. I was so impressed with Belinda’s awareness of what authors struggle with, and her ability to communicate which actions to focus on in order to get results.

Here's How It All Breaks Down

You'll receive new pre-recorded trainings every week that you can watch at a time that's convenient for you.


Step 1: Your Readers

Imagine knowing exactly who would love your book and how to reach them to tell them about it. This is the foundational step - if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach with your book marketing, nothing else matters. With your ideal reader in mind you can ditch the scattergun marketing approach and save your sanity, as you no longer need to be everywhere, doing All.The.Things.

By the end of this step you will have:

  • Learned proven ways to identify your ideal reader
  • Found where your ideal readers are hanging out online and offline
  • Discovered how to get in front of your readers to let them know you and your books exist


Step 2: Your Author Platform

With your target reader in mind, we will review your online presence - your website and social profiles - to ensure they attract and appeal to your ideal reader.

Everyone tells you that an email list is essential, but how do you attract subscribers, how big does your list really need to be and what should you be emailing - and how often? I’ll show you how to grow a list in a way that feels good to you, and that people are excited to sign up for and less likely to unsubscribe from. Plus, I'll help you devise an email marketing strategy that you can fit into your routine and that actually engages subscribers and leads to more book sales, so you can finally see the value of having a list and enjoy communicating with your subscribers.

By the end of this step you will have:

  • Optimized your author website so that it appeals to your ideal readers and works to sell books
  • Established your email system (including selecting your email service provider, connecting it to your website, and setting up landing pages and opt-in forms)
  • Created a compelling reader magnet that readers are excited to sign up for
  • Set-up a welcome email sequence that nurtures potential readers from day one
  • Devised a regular broadcast email strategy


Step 3: Your Outreach

In this step I will introduce you to some of the most effective ways to get in front of readers and connect with people who can help you grow your audience, without making you feel pushy or salesy. Whether you’re pitching yourself for a guest spot on a podcast, asking for a blurb or review, or reaching out to another author for a newsletter swap, leveraging connections and other people’s audiences can be a great way to grow your own. I’ll teach you how to ask for the right things and in the right way, so you can build long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect.

By the end of this step you will have:

  • Identified who can help you with your book marketing, and how to connect with them
  • Discovered how to research the blogs and podcasts your readers are consuming
  • Chosen blog or podcast interview topics that will appeal to your readers
  • Learned how to craft a blog or podcast pitch that gets a ‘yes!’
  • Decided if you would like to use paid ads as part of your action plan


Step 4: Your Nurture Content

As you start to attract readers and grow your email list, it’s time to deepen and nurture the relationship. You will start to develop a content strategy that will allow your readers and subscribers to get to know, like and trust you, which is especially important when you’re between book launches. Whether you prefer to blog, podcast or YouTube, or utilize social media, I will help you find the right content platform for you and develop an effective content strategy that feels good and that you can stick to - you don't need to be everywhere, using every tool!

By the end of this step you will have:

  • Chosen your preferred content platform
  • Developed a content marketing plan
  • Discovered how to maximize social media without it taking over your life


Step 5: Your Sales

By this point in the program you will have all the building blocks in place for an effective book marketing strategy. You have put in all this work in order to sell more books, but too often authors forget or are too afraid to ask for the sale. It’s important to know how and when to sell to your readers. They don’t want to be sold to, and you don’t want to come across as pushy. But you know they would love your book and it would be a disservice not to tell them about it. When you know the right way to sell to your audience, it will be a win-win for you AND your readers.

By the end of this step you will have:

  • Learned how and when to send sales emails
  • Discovered how to make use of promotional tools and price discounts to boost sales
  • Established a reliable sales funnel for your books
  • Optimized your Amazon listings so your books are more likely to be found and bought


Step 6: Your Stress-Free Action Plan

We will explore a lot of book marketing ideas throughout the program, so that you can choose the right methods and tools for you. To help you keep track of your decisions and to ensure you have an action plan to follow after the program, you will complete a workbook as you go. Never again will you feel stuck wondering what you should do to promote your books or author brand, or why you are doing particular activities, because it will all be documented.

By the end of this step you will have:

  • Mapped out the daily/weekly/monthly action steps you will take to promote your books
  • Total confidence in what you need to do to get your books into readers’ hands

So, How Will It Work?

You’re in safe hands. I’ve taken dozens of authors through this process and found the exact formula that works.

  • Weekly pre-recorded 'teaching' content - so you can go through it in your own time, as many times as you need!
  • You will receive swipe files, templates and worksheets as necessary to support your learning and by the end of the program will have your own completed marketing action plan to keep.

The Cost

 One payment of $297 or 3 monthly payments of $109

This is your chance to get clear on who your readers are, where to find them, and how to sell books to them, in a way that feels totally doable and enjoyable.

Have a question? Want to chat first? Drop me an email:

Hi, I'm Belinda

I’m a Book Marketing Coach and Author Publicity Expert. I help authors of all kinds launch and market their books with impact, so they can grow a thriving community of engaged readers, sell more books and make the difference in the world they care about making.

My specialty is making powerful marketing strategies simple and relatable so that authors like you can build a readership that’s passionate about what you do.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, are self-publishing or have a trade deal, I want to show you how you can find your readers, sell more books, and be successful with your writing, whatever 'successful' looks like to you.

Sarah Woodard

Award-Winning Children's Author

I feel like a 'real' author

WOW! I feel like I went from “a girl who publishes books and no one knows” to a real author with a whole platform that I’m empowered to continue to grow!

Sam Hippensteel
Sam Hippensteel

Fantasy Author

A map that finally connects all the dots

Belinda took me step by step, from A to Z, expertly showing me how to build a powerful strategy. I had spent years trying to figure it out on my own with little success, but Belinda offers a map that finally connects all the dots.

Penelope Jean Hayes
Penelope Jean Hayes

Motivational and new-consciousness writer

The ‘Spirit Guide’ for authors

Belinda cuts directly to helpful advice and narrows in on manageable to-dos. Belinda is the ‘Spirit Guide’ for authors who are tired of throwing mud at the wall, and ready for the clear path.

Start selling more books while doing less marketing

No one writes a book so they can spend the rest of their days slaving away on social media trying to sell it.

No one wants to wrestle with complicated ad platforms that swallow money like its candy.

No author (that I’ve met) enjoys tooting their horn and telling the world how awesome they are.

And no one, including me, has enough hours in the day to do All The Things that we coulda, shoulda, woulda do to promote whatever we’re selling.

So why do so many authors still believe that these are the only ways to sell books?

I believe the opposite is true. It’s simply a case of being selective.

And oh my days, we need to make it as easy and as stress-free as possible.

Because no one, and I mean NO ONE, needs any more stress in their lives. Especially after the last few years we’ve had.

Am I right?!

And so, I’m on a mission to make book marketing easier and to make selling books as stress-free as possible.

I love working with authors 1:1 and guiding them to develop the marketing system that works for them. But my 6-month private coaching program costs $3500, and that's not affordable for everyone.

I've put together this self-study program with two aims:

1. To help more authors while still offering as much support as possible;

2. To share my knowledge and experience in a more affordable way.

So if you've struggled to sell books so far, and you're overwhelmed by marketing, or don't believe you could ever enjoy it, I invite you to join me in this self-study program.

By the end of this program you'll have an action plan that you'll be excited to implement. And as you see your book sales soar, you'll feel motivated to stick with it.

And just think, with the time you'll save you'll be able to crack on with your next book, and know that you will be able to sell it once it's done!

 One payment of $297 or 3 monthly payments of $109

This is your chance to get clear on who your readers are, where to find them, and how to sell books to them, in a way that feels totally doable and enjoyable.

Have a question? Want to chat first? Drop me an email:

Tory Element

Before, During, and After: How the Flare Ended the World (A Post-Apocalyptic Anthology)

A logical approach tailored to my needs

Self-marketing and reader research is not inherent to every author. Realizing this applied to me, I made the very good decision to hire Belinda to coach me in the right direction. Her program provided a logical approach, complete with questions and exercises designed to allow me to learn at my speed. Belinda’s method was tailored to my needs and ability which reflects her respect for her customers as individuals.

Kevin Ground

Horrordise: The Edge of Insanity

In tune with the needs of the independent author

I was a marketing dinosaur. Now I feel much more at ease with the idea of self-promotion - more aware that blowing your own trumpet when you have a good tune to play is absolutely the right thing to do. I now feel empowered to set about the job of promoting myself and my work, and possibly the most important asset, confidence to go ahead and give it a go and not be a shadowy figure hidden deep amongst Amazon’s bottomless ranking system. I highly recommend Belinda as being in tune with the needs of the independent author.

J N Moon

Always Dark Angel series

I feel more professional and confident

Working with Belinda not only gave me lots of knowledge and insights, but confidence in what I needed to do to take my author career to the next level. I have created a professional website, gained hundreds of readers and I am running my own Facebook group. I’m getting more reviews and I feel more professional and confident as an authorpreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

How much time will it take?

Will there be a Facebook Group?

Will this work for me?

Is this for beginners or advanced authors?

Will I need to spend hours on social media or invest in ads?

What Else You Need To Know

This is for you if
  • You want more books sales without added stress
  • You'd like help putting together the basics of an author platform 
  • You want a simple marketing action plan to follow
  • You're ready and willing to put a little effort in to get things going
  • You want to maximize the time and money investments you have already made in your book(s)
This is not for you if
  • You’re looking for a silver bullet or someone to do everything for you
  • You're not willing to take action on what you learn
  • You're already selling truckloads of books (go you!)

 One payment of $297 or 3 monthly payments of $109

This is your chance to get clear on who your readers are, where to find them, and how to sell books to them, in a way that feels totally doable and enjoyable.

Have a question? Want to chat first? Drop me an email:

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