Here's what other authors have to say about working with Belinda

Dr Julie J Nichols Pigs When They Straddle the Air

I've had a lot of coaches--writing, life, business--and Belinda is one of the best by far. She ticks all the boxes: professional; knowledgeable in her area of expertise, both wide and deep; thoroughly prepared with both on-the-spot coaching solutions to problems, and pre-selected worksheets and tasks. Beyond that, though, she's utterly approachable. She doesn't get ruffled, and knows how to calm the ruffled author's soul. It feels like she's steadying you across a wobbly bridge over a roaring waterfall--she holds you firmly by the elbow and tells you where to look (not down!) so that you feel quite able to make it safely to the other side. I recommend her highly and with enthusiasm to any writer who's ready to progress from Unknown to Engaged, Invisible to Acknowledged, Unheard Of to Sought After. Belinda is a gem!

Martha Geaney Death On Clare Island: A Star O'Brien Mystery

After several frustrating months of social media posts and ads that sold some books but never added to my email subscriber list, I knew I had to do something different. But I just couldn’t figure out how to identify and find my readership. That’s when I joined Target Readers Academy. I completed the research assignments and as a result I now have a solid description of my reader. I also created a reader magnet which introduces my Star O’Brien character to new email subscribers. As a result of these efforts, I’ve begun adding subscribers to my list. Also, although I write fiction, I pitched a non-fiction guest post to a blogger who owns an award-winning website. My pitch was accepted! I saw additional sign-ups to my list after that guest post. I would never have had the confidence or knowledge to do all this without the Target Readers Academy course.

Sarah Woodard Award-Winning Children's Author

I was struggling with how to become “known” and get my message out. My topics and writing process are different than most children’s book authors. I needed someone to take the general “here’s how to market your books” advice that’s all over the internet and help personalize it for what I do and my niche. After doing Belinda’s Publicity Challenge, I eagerly enrolled in her coaching program and WOW! I feel like I went from “a girl who publishes books and no one knows” to a real author with a whole platform that I’m empowered to continue to grow! And I love that Belinda will still be available for one-off meetings and support if I need her. Because you just never know. HIGHLY recommend working with her!

Tory Element Before, During, and After: How the Flare Ended the World (A Post-Apocalyptic Anthology)

I found Belinda via a podcast and am ever so thankful. Self-marketing and reader/customer research is not inherent to every writer/author. Realizing this applied to me, I made the very good decision to hire Belinda to coach me in the right direction. Her program provided a logical approach, complete with questions and exercises designed to allow me to learn at my speed. Belinda’s method is tailored to my needs and ability which reflects her respect for her customers as individuals. Thanks Belinda.

Kevin Ground Horrordise: The Edge of Insanity

Prior to undertaking this course I was a marketing dinosaur. I now feel much more aware and at ease with the idea of self-promotion - more aware that blowing your own trumpet when you have a good tune to play is absolutely the right thing to do. I now feel aware and empowered to set about the job of promoting myself and my work, knowing I have a good grasp of the basics upon which to build, and possibly the most important asset, confidence to go ahead and give it a go and not be a shadowy figure hidden deep amongst Amazon’s bottomless ranking system. I highly recommend Belinda as being in tune with the needs of the independent author.

Sam Hippensteel Crow City, Book 1 of the Black Arc Series

A phenomenal coach for authors!

Belinda is a phenomenal coach for authors! I took her VIP level Target Readers Academy course and it provided a solid framework for finding my target audience and connecting with my ideal readers. Belinda took me step by step, from A to Z, expertly showing me how to build a powerful strategy. I had spent years trying to figure it out on my own with little success, but Belinda offers a map that finally connects all the dots. Thank you, again!

Phyllis Parun New Orleans Born: A Poetic Odyssey

This course offers valuable specific information

When I joined Target Readers Academy, I had no clarity about what marketing direction to take. The course presented the clear direction and specific tasks that I needed to know, in the order needed t accomplish them. The material is presented in a comprehensive and logical manner. I now have a clear idea of how to proceed. This course offers valuable specific information and specific direction when a writer is wanting to learn how to market their books.

Paul Winter Passion, Conflict and Betrayal

I now feel confident in moving forward

I'm so glad I attended this comprehensive course. I had just finished my first novel and it was ready to be published but I didn't know what to do next. The course addressed all the problems and challenges I was facing. It was rich in content, specific in detail and gave lots of useful links to further information. I now understand what I must do and more, importantly, how to do it. I have learnt so much from the course and now feel confident in moving forward. I strongly recommend this course to anybody. You will not be disappointed!

JN Moon Always Dark Angel series

I have created a professional website and gained hundreds of readers...

Working with Belinda not only gave me lots of knowledge and insights, but confidence in what I needed to do to take my author career to the next level. I have created a professional website, gained hundreds of readers and I am running my own Facebook group. I’m getting more reviews and I feel more professional and confident as an authorpreneur.

Belinda is warm, engaging, and full of great tips and tricks. She would be a real boost to any author struggling to find an audience.

Carol McKibben

Belinda Griffin knows her stuff and her eagerness to share her expertise with authors is wonderful. I learned a great deal about what is required to sell books in today's jam-packed book universe and it's a difficult world to navigate, so having Belinda as a guide is invaluable. I highly recommend her course to authors of all stripes.

Phyllis Melhado The Spa At Lavender Lane

I am excited about where this will go

I am a self-published author who has been wrestling with how to have an online presence without having to post every detail of my life and without having to master 12 different social media platforms. I found Belinda's Target Reader Academy and decided it was a low-cost option that could really help me, and I was right. I feel like I have a direction and some hope. I am in the process of implementing the lessons and am excited about where this will go.

Nathan J Anderson Jak & the Scarlet Thread
Terry Maluk Rx for RNs

I am thankful to have found this course!

I definitely recommend this course to other authors because of the firm foundation it provides for growing and nurturing a target reader audience. I am thankful to have found this course!

Alan Hesse The Adventures of Captain Polo

I now have a systematic method, a blueprint

I joined Target Readers Academy because I recognized that the one missing piece in my strategy to promote and market my books was that I wasn’t reaching the right people. My book wasn’t showing up in the right places. Thanks to the course, I now have a systematic method, a blueprint, with which to discover who my readers - and buyers - are. The process is ongoing, but just a couple of weeks after taking the course I am already able to focus my marketing efforts a lot more effectively than before.

Judalon De Bornay Great Crossing

Educational, enlightening and fun!

Belinda has created a course that arranges assignments into time-manageable segments that I found educational, enlightening and fun. The most rewarding experience from her approach to targeting readers has been making connections to actual readers who have become followers and friends. Belinda's program offered a paradigm shift for me; no longer do I look for book buyers, but for readers who are "my people", those who will potentially be readers of my future works as well.

Brian Kindall Delivering Virtue

A clear vision and plan...

Before, marketing was an overwhelming activity that I threw a lot of time and money at, with not much return. Belinda taught me key marketing concepts that have made all the difference in feeling effective. I now have a clear vision and plan for how to have an authentic online presence.

Penelope Jean Hayes The Magic of Viral Energy: Spirituality Meets Quantum Theory

The ‘Spirit Guide’ for authors...

Belinda cuts directly to helpful advice and narrows in on manageable to-dos. I found my coaching with her to be encouraging, enlightening, and instructive. Belinda is the ‘Spirit Guide’ for authors who are tired of throwing mud at the wall, and ready for the clear path.

David Lowe The Innovation Revelation: A story about how to satisfy customer needs

In the hands of over 1,400 people in one week...

Belinda helped me with decisions on everything from my mailing list building, to obtaining amazing testimonials, to getting people to buy. Of course I think my book is amazing, but Belinda certainly had a big part to play in getting it into the hands of over 1,400 people within the first week!

Nick Duerden The Smallest Things: On the Enduring Power of Family - A Memoir of Tiny Dramas

New and fresh ideas on how to market my book...

Belinda gave me new and fresh ideas on how to market my book, and how to bring it to the attention of those that matter most: readers. She is perceptive and assertive, she thinks outside the box, and she gets results.

Dr Nicki Steinberger Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes

I landed 6 podcast interviews...

From the get-go, working with Belinda opened my eyes to new ideas to connect with my ideal readers, nurture new relationships, and enhance my exposure. During the 6 weeks we worked together, I landed 6 podcast interviews, updated my email sequence copy to bring it current and relevant to my book and teachings, and clarified my vision for my upcoming course/program. Above all, my inspiration and empowerment as an author rose considerably.

Alexandra Amor Cult, A Love Story

I was so impressed...

I was overwhelmed with all the book marketing options available to me, and that overwhelm had led to paralysis. There’s so much advice out there and much of it conflicts. I was so impressed with Belinda’s knowledge of the book marketing landscape, her awareness of what authors struggle with, and her ability to communicate which actions to focus on in order to get results.