Target Readers Academy

The proven step-by-step system that reveals how you can identify the perfect readers for your books, and turn them into buyers!

Finally get clear on who your ideal reader is and how to reach them in just 6 weeks, so you can stop feeling invisible and frustrated with book marketing and start making consistent book sales

Be awesome

Despite social media, blogging, advertising and chasing reviews, do you find obscurity is still a problem? 

After working 1:1 with dozens of authors to help them define their target readers, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works for authors who:

  • Feel constantly pulled between writing and marketing
  • Feel resentful when writing time is given up for marketing
  • Are fed up paying for ads and promos that don’t give a return
  • Are frustrated that marketing is a time suck that rarely generates the results
  • Wish book marketing could just feel ‘easy’
  • Are ready to get their books into the hands of more readers!

The result is...

The easy-to-follow framework that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for predictably identifying, getting in front of and selling books to your ideal readers.

Imagine how different things will be when you can effectively market your books in a way that takes less time, less money and doesn't feel overwhelming.

How incredible will it feel to know your words are finally making a real impact on readers?

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Mapped out what you and your books have to offer readers, and how to share that in a compelling way that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Created your target reader avatar - the detailed picture of your ideal reader, which will make future marketing and publishing decisions easy.
  • Discovered where to find your ideal readers online and offline and how to reach them with your marketing, so you can spend less energy shouting into the wind and less money on poor-performing ads.
  • Leveraged a shared readership to reach new readers and let them know you exist - the underused shortcut that takes the trial and error out of book marketing.
  • Chosen the best tools and tactics to use to reach your target readers - no more being everywhere and trying (and failing) to keep up with All.The.Things.
  • Crafted a plan for what to do with readers once you have found them, so they become not just book buyers, but your personal cheer squad, loyally buying ALL your books and recommending them to others.
  • Implemented an ongoing research process, so you can continue getting to know your readers and refine your strategies for finding new ones.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have total clarity around WHO you want to attract to your books and HOW to talk to them.

Belinda has created a course that arranges assignments into time-manageable segments that I found educational, enlightening and fun. The most rewarding experience from her approach to targeting readers has been making connections not only to her and other authors in the academy, but to actual readers who have become followers and friends. Belinda's program offered a paradigm shift for me; no longer do I look for book buyers, but for readers who are "my people", those who will potentially be readers of my future works as well.

Judalon de Bornay, Author of great crossing

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Here’s what they say...

Alan Hesse

Alan Hesse

Author of The Adventures of Captain Polo

I now have a systematic method, a blueprint

I joined Target Readers Academy because I recognized that the one missing piece in my strategy to promote and market my books was that I wasn’t reaching the right people. My book wasn’t showing up in the right places. Thanks to the course, I now have a systematic method, a blueprint, with which to discover who my readers - and buyers - are. The process is ongoing, but just a couple of weeks after taking the course I am already able to focus my marketing efforts a lot more effectively than before.

Terry Maluk

Author of Rx for RNs

I am thankful to have found this course!

I definitely recommend this course to other authors because of the firm foundation it provides for growing and nurturing a target reader audience. Belinda provides ample resources for the long-game approach to making a living from writing. And she is an absolute gem to work with. The weekly Q&A meetings were extremely helpful. I am thankful to have found this course!

Paul Winter

Paul Winter

Author of Passion, Conflict and Betrayal

I now feel confident in moving forward

I'm so glad I attended this comprehensive course. I had just finished my first novel and it was ready to be published but I didn't know what to do next. The course addressed all the problems and challenges I was facing. It was rich in content, specific in detail and gave lots of useful links to further information. I now understand what I must do and more, importantly, how to do it. I have learnt so much from the course and now feel confident in moving forward. I strongly recommend this course to anybody. You will not be disappointed!

Nathan J. Anderson

Author of Jak & the Scarlet Thread

I am excited about where this will go

I am a self-published author who has been wrestling with how to have an online presence without having to post every detail of my life and without having to master 12 different social media platforms. I found Belinda's Target Reader Academy and decided it was a low-cost option that could really help me, and I was right. I feel like I have a direction and some hope. I am in the process of implementing the lessons and am excited about where this will go.

Phyllis Parun

Phyllis Parun

Author of New Orleans Born: A Poetic Odyssey

This course offers valuable specific information

When I joined Target Readers Academy, I had no clarity about what marketing direction to take. The course presented the clear direction and specific tasks that I needed to know, in the order needed t accomplish them. The material is presented in a comprehensive and logical manner. I now have a clear idea of how to proceed. This course offers valuable specific information and specific direction when a writer is wanting to learn how to market their books.

Elis Angelico

Author of Courageous Lovers

This course is so well thought out

This course transforms the desire/despair to sell books into a meaningful endeavor to connect with people who want to read what you create (they just don’t know you’re out there). It’s not exploitative or greedy or social media obsessed. This course is so well thought out and will help you not only get your book into the “right” hands but will also really help you clarify what and why you write and that’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Target Readers Academy will teach you a 6-step proven process that you can implement in just a few weeks (but that you’ll continue using for the lifespan of your author business)


Module 1: You & Your Book

We’ll kick things off nice and easy by starting with what you know - your book!

This is where you’ll create a bulletproof foundation for growing your readership with total confidence.

Remember, the main reason you get overwhelmed with all the book marketing tactics out there is because they aren’t rooted in a SOLID foundation and strategic framework that guarantees a visible and consistent payoff.

By the time you’re finished with Module 1, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you have to offer as an author, and what makes your books special, so you can focus on attracting your most loyal, genuinely interested readers.


Module 2: Reader Research

In Module 1 you thought about what you had to offer and who might be attracted to that. Now, it’s time to look beyond your own books and think about what your potential readers are reading now.

This is the shortcut to finding die-hard fans. I’m talking about LEVERAGE!

By looking at your book’s genre and its typical readers, as well as identifying your comps, you’ll step a long way towards defining your ideal readers. Plus, you’ll know where to start looking for them online.

Why reinvent the wheel when readers are already out there devouring books similar to yours? As you consider why they are attracted to those books and what it is they love about your genre, you’ll flesh out what you know about your own readers.


Module 3: Create Your Target Reader Avatar

Before you can attract your target reader, you need to be crystal clear on who it is that you’re trying to reach. That’s where your Target Reader Avatar comes in. This is the detailed description of the perfect reader for your book.

When you have one person in mind as you write your Amazon description, post on social media or draft an author newsletter, you’ll feel more confident about what to say. You’ll know exactly what your reader needs to hear in order to click buy, which will save you time, energy and $$.

Drawing on all the research you have done in modules 1 and 2, you’ll define your Target Reader Avatar using psychographic and demographic information.

With your TRA firmly in mind, every book marketing and publishing decision will become easier. All you have to ask yourself is, “What would John want?”, or “What would Jane prefer?”

You’ll walk away with total clarity around WHO your ideal reader is, HOW to talk to them, and WHERE to find them.


Module 4: Test Your Avatar Part 1 - Attract Your Reader

So you’ve created your TRA, your work is done, right? WRONG!

Not many authors take the time to figure out their TRA. But those that do often make a fundamental mistake with it - they fail to test if it’s correct.

In this module and the following one, you’ll don your lab coat to test your theories about your TRA.

This is where the rubber meets the road as you start to implement effective book marketing strategies, which you can continue to use for years to come.

In this module, you'll set up your own platform in a way that will best attract your target readers. We'll be looking at your Amazon listing, your website and your email list to make sure everything is positioned perfectly to appeal to your readers. So when they find you, they know you are exactly what they are looking for!


Module 5: Test Your Avatar Part 2 - Get In Front Of Your Reader

Plenty of authors spend time on their Amazon listings, websites and email lists, as you will have done in Module 4. But few take time beyond that to drive readers to those places.

You can't just set things up and hope people will find you.

So in this module, we'll be searching out your target readers. You’ll go where you believe they’re hanging out and put yourself in front of them, with the aim of checking that your TRA really exists, and really wants your books.

You’ll discover what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to attracting your target readers. This is where you get to ditch all those activities that drain your energy, and focus instead on what truly works to get your books into the hands of the readers who will most value them.


Module 6: Revise Your Avatar

High five! You now know who your target reader is, how they think, where to find them and how to talk to them about your books.

You know the best ways to reach them with your marketing, which is saving you both time and money.

As you have worked through the program you will have moved from making decisions based on your gut, to testing your theories, to finding real readers.

In this final module, you’ll explore powerful strategies for learning even more about your real readers as you start attracting them to your books.

If you had to make instinctive choices earlier in the program, you’ll now be able to confidently replace these with solid facts.

Your reader avatar will continue to evolve and may change for different books. Your job is to keep paying attention and iterating your avatar as you grow, as your audience grows and as you learn more about your real readers.

By the end of this module, you'll know how to continue your research to get to know readers even better and further refine your strategies for finding them and getting in front of them, so you can continue to improve your book sales long-term.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

The proven Target Readers Academy step-by-step program

(A $997 Value)

  • Create a bulletproof foundation for growing your readership with total confidence
    Take the guesswork, overwhelm, and frustration out of marketing your books once and for all. After implementing everything you learn in Target Readers Academy, you’ll be able to confidently launch your own books, and continue selling them long-term with less effort, as you attract your target readers to your books like a magnet.
  • Craft a detailed and accurate picture of your perfect target reader
    Get inside your readers’ heads using a complete 6-step proven process. Everyone tells you to start with your reader, now you’re finally going to have the framework you need to define WHO your ideal reader is, HOW to talk to them, and WHERE to find them.
  • Define what you have to offer and how to package it for your target readers
    Get crystal clear on what makes your books special and why they are perfect for your target readers, so you can take the ickyness out of selling and focus instead on exactly what your readers need to hear.
  • Devise and test a plan for getting in front of your target readers
    You will finally know where to focus your time, energy and budget to make the greatest impact because you know where your readers are hanging out and how to communicate with them. With your new-found clarity, you’ll feel motivated to get into consistent action and make more time for marketing that works.

When you join Target Readers Academy, we’ll roll up our sleeves and implement one step at a time. You’ll be given access to one module per week, so that you have plenty of time to dive into the lessons and execute that part of the plan BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus, while sparing you the intense overwhelm that stops most authors in their tracks.


Plus These Bonuses To Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (And Keep It Up!)

Bonus 1
12 Reader Magnet Ideas

A $37 Value

By offering an incentive to your target readers, they are more likely to join your email list. Done right, you can also wow them with an awesome first impression. But despite what you may have heard, you don't need to give away a book!

Discover 12 alternative ideas for attracting your target readers to your email list, even if you write fiction, so you can sell all your books for real $$!

Bonus 2
Welcome Email Sequence
Swipe File

A $97 Value

Welcoming new readers to your email list the right way is incredibly important, but knowing what to include can be a headache.

This swipe file includes an outline for all the emails you need in your welcome sequence - there's one for fiction authors and one for non-fiction authors. All you need to do is fill in the blanks, tweak them to suit your style, and upload them to your email service provider. Job done!

Bonus 3
Email List Building In 30 Minutes A Day

A $47 Value

Learn the secret to attracting your ideal readers in just 30 minutes a day. This bonus guide includes 10 daily list building strategies with templates and tutorials.

Use these time-effective list building strategies and increase your book sales — it really is that easy!

When you add it all up, that's a total value of $1,178.

But because I'm super excited to welcome you into Target Readers Academy, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY at the special price of just...

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It’s no secret I love working with authors to identify and attract their target readers and I stand behind the content in this program 100%. After all, they’re the same strategies I’ve used with my 1:1 clients and to grow my own engaged audience. That said I have a take-action guarantee. If you try out Target Readers Academy and don’t feel you get value from the lessons, simply email me within 14 days of your original purchase to request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access?

You have lifetime access! That means that for as long as I run the program, you will have access to it, including any future updates. All of the content is also downloadable, meaning you can save the lessons to your computer and have access to it whenever, wherever.

Is this course for fiction or non-fiction authors?

When I set about creating Target Readers Academy I specifically had fiction authors in mind. That's because typically these authors struggle more with identifying and finding their target readers. Non-fiction is often written with a specific audience in mind, which gives an advantage when it comes to marketing.

That said, the strategies that I teach work for fiction AND non-fiction authors, and the program will be beneficial for any author who wants to dig deeper into what their book offers and how to reach target readers.

I’ve already invested in other programs that didn’t work for me, why should this one be any different?

There are some awesome online courses out there for authors, but sometimes the problem is the wrong course at the wrong time.

Learning things that you’re not quite ready for can lead to more confusion or overwhelm.

Target Readers Academy is about starting at the very beginning and establishing a firm foundation on which to build.

That’s not to say it’s only for ‘beginners’. It’s for anyone who has not yet found their book marketing groove.

With the foundation in place - who you’re marketing to - you may find you can go back to your other programs and make better use of them.

Who is Target Readers Academy for?

Yet-to-publish authors who want to get a head start on their marketing before launching their first book.

New authors who are just beginning to figure out how to connect with readers and market their books.

Authors who have published several books but not seen the exposure or sales they hoped for.

Any author feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by book marketing and looking for a simpler approach.

Who is Target Readers Academy not for?

This program is not for you if you're not willing to take action on what you learn or are looking for the mythical ‘silver bullet’.

Authors who want someone to do all of their marketing for them.

Any author who has no interest in learning how to grow an engaged readership.

Will this work for me?

Yes, if you put in the work :) I believe there is a target readership for every book, but finding it can be more challenging for some. There is no magic wand, but the program includes exercises that build on each other to help you identify your readers. If you fully commit to each of these exercises, you will see results.

best value

Single payment of:



  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules
more flexible

Three monthly payments of:



  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All Modules

Still "thinking about it"?

You should give Target Readers Academy a 14-day risk-free shot if you can relate to any of the following:

You want to figure out this book marketing thing… like... really badly

Whether you’ve already published a dozen books but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, or you’re just launching your first and are confused with where to start with book marketing, you know you’re struggling to figure everything out on your own and it’s preventing you from realising your writer dreams.

The overwhelm is real. You know there are so many things you *could* be doing to promote your book. The problem is knowing which things you *should* be doing, or how to prioritise your actions when time is limited.

You’re looking for the diamond advice in a barrel of rhinestones. And you want a clear path to reliable results.

Because let’s be real for a moment - no one publishes a book with the hope that no one ever reads it.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next few weeks in getting crystal clear on who your ideal reader is and make the shift from ‘How do I sell my books?’ to ‘How do I connect with my readers?’, which will dramatically alter the focus, feel and success of your book marketing for the rest of your author career.

You're not afraid of hard work

Now I know you’re committed to doing the work. No one cares about the success of your book as much as you, and you know that no one else will promote it if you don’t. You’ve been struggling on, juggling All.The.Things, because despite the stress and confusion, and despite the fact you loathe ‘book marketing’, you want your books to sell.

But it’s not about the money. Sure, you want to cover your costs, and a modest income from your books would be nice. But money is not your biggest motivator.

You want your books in the hands of readers. You want your characters to live on in other people’s imaginations. And you want all your hard work to have been worthwhile.

Because again, no one publishes a book with the hope that no one ever reads it.

You’re not afraid of putting in the effort. The only thing that scares you is wasted effort - wasting precious time and energy that could have gone into writing your next book.

But because Target Readers Academy is a proven process for identifying and attracting your ideal readers, you have full confidence that every minute you invest in getting to know your readers and growing your audience will pay off powerfully in the months and years to come.

You recognise this is the best next step for your author business

You’re not interested in collecting more ideas for book promotion. There is a ton of advice online and you have been down enough rabbit holes to know that a lack of information is not the problem. Quite the opposite.

But you’re confident that this isn’t just another tool or tactic you need to figure out or fit into your already-too-busy schedule. You’re fully aware that investing time in growing your own readership means you no longer need to fight to be seen among all the other books on Amazon, and that you are growing a fan base that will support your author career long-term.

Finally it’s a book marketing strategy that makes complete sense and feels totally doable and comfortable. You’re relieved to have finally found a way to stop ‘book marketing’ and start connecting with real readers – the people you are writing for - and enjoy yourself while you do it!

You recognise that this is the best next step for your author business because it’s something that finally feels achievable and sustainable.

That’s all I got

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding your head, I borderline insist that you start finding your Target Readers today with a 14-day risk-free shot.

After several frustrating months of social media posts and ads that sold some books but never added to my email subscriber list, I knew I had to do something different. But I just couldn’t figure out how to identify and find my readership. That’s when I joined Target Readers Academy. I completed the research assignments and as a result I now have a solid description of my reader. I also created a reader magnet which introduces my Star O’Brien character to new email subscribers. As a result of these efforts, I’ve begun adding subscribers to my list. Also, although I write fiction, I pitched a non-fiction guest post to a blogger who owns an award-winning website. My pitch was accepted! I saw additional sign-ups to my list after that guest post. I would never have had the confidence or knowledge to do all this without the Target Readers Academy course and Belinda’s coaching.

Martha geaney, Author of Death on Clare Island: A Star O'Brien Mystery

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 6 weeks…

I have experienced first-hand the joy of connecting with my audience, and I have been proud to support my clients do the same. Now, I want to support you.

If everything you have invested in book marketing so far - the time, the energy, the money and the effort - has not paid off, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what difference it would make to start with a firmer foundation.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today. That the problem with the book marketing you are doing is not necessarily the tools or tactics you’re using, it’s that you are set up to fail from the start if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach - if you don’t know who your target readers are - or how to get in front of them and speak to them in a way that grabs their attention.

This is the first lesson in every business training program out there - Know Your Customer…

...but it’s the step I see authors miss again and again.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 6 weeks will completely change the way you approach book marketing, and the way book marketing feels. It IS possible to find joy in it, and make it profitable too.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Target Readers Academy.

ALL my best,

Belinda K
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  • Lifetime Access
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