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Does your book marketing budget include education? More to the point, do you even have a book marketing budget? In this post, I’m going to explain why you need to invest in your book marketing. I will also explain why a good proportion of that investment should be in you and your education.Avoid dabbling in book

How To Invest Your Book Marketing Budget

Are you focused on selling books or serving readers? In this post, I’m going to explain how a subtle shift in your book marketing focus can make your marketing efforts more rewarding for both you and your readers. I have worked with plenty of authors over the years, and I know that the words “book marketing” can

Serving Readers | How To Sell Your Book With A Simple Marketing Shift

Who do you write for and why? This may sound like a deep question, but I promise you it relates to book marketing. In this post, I’m going to explain how knowing who you write for and why will help you improve your book marketing and sell more books.Who do you write for?Okay, so who do

Who Do You Write For? This Is Why You Need To Know

Are you focused on long-game book marketing or short-term results? The marketing strategy you choose will depend on your goals, but have you made the right choice? In this post, we’ll compare long-game book marketing strategies with short-game tactics to ensure you are making the right marketing decisions for your book.Long-game book marketing vs. short-gameWhen marketing

Long-Game Book Marketing Strategies Vs. Short-Game Tactics

How do you invest in your author success? If you want to succeed as a writer, there’s no doubt that it will take some amount of investing. That could be time or money or both. So how should you invest in your author success? And if you’re not already doing it, what is stopping you? In this

How To Invest In Your Author Success

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