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So you want to know why your book isn’t selling at all, or as much as you’d like, and you’re searching for help. The answer is probably more simple than you realize. And the good news is, it’s an easy fix! If you have invested time, money, and heart into writing and publishing a book, only

The #1 Reason Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

Want to hire a book marketing coach? If you’re reading this post I’m going to guess you fit one of the following:You’re seriously considering hiring me as your book marketing coach and want to know what to expect. (Great – I love a client that does their research )You’ve already committed to working with me

4 Things That Will Make Or Break Our Work Together – Having Belinda as your book marketing coach

There are 3 things I wish I could share with every author who is disappointed with their book sales: Your book won’t sell if no one knows it exists (even if it is the best book ever written!) Yes, book marketing IS your job. No, book marketing does not require joyless slaving away on social media if

Why I Created Book Sales Accelerator

Have you had a sneaky look at the Book Sales Accelerator yet? I know what you’re probably thinking… It sounds exactly like what you need, but you’re hesitating over the price. While you are excited about the benefits of working with a coach, you’re wondering how long will it take to pay back?I totally get

Book Sales Accelerator: How Long Will It Take To Pay Back?

Oh, hello there person after my own heart! I see that – just like me – you like to do some thorough research before whipping out the credit card. I mean, it’s the sensible thing to do, right? Or maybe you’re here because you’re just curious about my enticingly named program!Either way, here’s everything you

Everything You Need To Know About The Book Sales Accelerator

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