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Revealed: How To Sell More Books With Less Stress

the little known secret the self-publishing experts aren't telling you

How to make the ultimate shift from struggling to market and sell books, feeling overwhelmed and confused, to consistently making sales and growing your loyal readership every day.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  1. 1
    Why growing a targeted readership is more important than ever (and my #1 strategy for selling more books with less stress). 
  2. 2
    The biggest mistake I see authors make with book marketing (hint: if you’re feeling overwhelmed with so many tactics and tools and confused as to what to focus on, you won’t want to miss this).
  3. 3
    The #1 way you are likely sabotaging your own book sales (without even realising it).
  4. 4
    A simple shortcut to discovering your ideal readers (even if you think you know who they are, this will help you find where they are).

This is your opportunity...

Whether you're juggling "all the things", trying desperately to promote your books despite limited time and budget, or you haven't even started because you're paralysed by all the options, you know something needs to change.

You want to get your books into the hands of readers, and you want to do it in a way that feels comfortable and most importantly, DOABLE.

This is the turning point you have been waiting for. There is a huge opportunity for authors willing to get to grips with the basic principles of book marketing and stop chasing shiny objects.

Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to grow a loyal readership that will support your author business for years to come.

This Masterclass is a must attend if...

  • You’ve been trying to market your books effectively for months or years but haven’t gained any real traction that inspires you to keep going.
  • You're overwhelmed by all the things you *could* be doing to promote your books and have no idea which things you *should* be doing, or how to prioritise your actions when time is limited.
  • You're feeling invisible and frustrated with book marketing and are more than ready to start making consistent book sales!

A personal note

from Belinda...

I know you didn't write a book because you want to become a great marketer. I also know you didn't publish your book with the hope that no one ever reads it...

If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes to get FULLY up to speed on how to make the shift from struggling to market your books to consistently making sales... 

...I promise to reward your energy with only the latest and most effective strategies for identifying and attracting readers that will have you leapfrogging over everyone else competing for your readers’ attention. 

See you there!

Belinda K

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