July 6, 2022

Book Sales Accelerator: How Long Will It Take To Pay Back?

Have you had a sneaky look at the Book Sales Accelerator yet? I know what you’re probably thinking… It sounds exactly like what you need, but you’re hesitating over the price. While you are excited about the benefits of working with a coach, you’re wondering how long will it take to pay back?

I totally get it. As books are typically low cost items, logically you will need to shift a few to make back your coaching investment… but perhaps not as many as you think.

I’ll talk about numbers in a minute, but just to be clear, book sales and the resulting income is not the only value you will get from working with me as your coach. Here are some others:

Outcome #1: Less marketing stress

First, by finding a reliable book marketing system that works for you and your books and fits in with your life, you will see a decrease in marketing stress. Want to get off that social media hamster wheel? We can make a plan for that. When you know the right things to focus on, you can stop hopping from one tactic to another and burning yourself out with frustration.

Outcome #2: More time for writing

Second, you can spend less time marketing and more time writing - so you will have more books to sell! You will have more time for the other things in your life that are important to you, too. And you can stop spending time and money on every shiny book marketing tool or course that pops up.

Outcome #3: A community of loyal readers

Thirdly, you’ll start to connect with real readers in a meaningful way and grow a community of loyal fans who will support you throughout your writing career. Loyal readers won’t only buy your books, they will share about them on their social networks and leave reviews, which in turn will lead to more sales! Plus, nothing will motivate you to keep writing more than happy emails from your most dedicated readers.

Outcome #4: Self-belief

And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll have the confidence and belief in yourself to call yourself an author, which, let’s face it, is priceless. Just imagine being able to say to friends and relatives that things are going really well with your writing and feeling that pride as you talk about your book sales and glowing reviews.

All in all, you should see the Book Sales Accelerator as an investment in your long-term education and author business, which will pay back for years to come.

The numbers

But if you are interested to know how many books you’ll need to sell to pay for coaching, let’s look at some numbers. 

These of course vary for every author, but let’s say you have one ebook for sale priced at $4.99 and you get Amazon’s 70% royalty rate. Your book is of average length - about 300 pages, or 75,000 words - so has the average Kindle ebook file size of 2.6 MB, which means a file delivery fee of $0.39. Your net profit (70% royalty rate x (list price – file delivery cost)) is $3.10.

This means you will need to sell 1,129 copies of your ebook to make $3,500.

Maybe that sounds like a lot of books to you, based on current sales, or maybe it doesn’t, based on your sales ambitions. But if you don’t think you can sell 1,000 books during your entire author career, we need to talk.

If you have more than one book available, it should be even easier to hit 1,000 sales.

(Want to swap the numbers for your own books to calculate your net profit? Go here: http://ebooktemplates101.com/amazon-kindle-royalty-calculator/)

Consistent sales

Most authors I speak to want to sell more than 1,000 copies of their book - they want to have consistent sales long-term.

It’s not an unattainable goal, but it’s unlikely to happen by accident.

You will need a plan for getting in front of readers, growing your platform and promoting your books consistently, and in a way that aligns with your values and the time you have available.

Funnily enough, those are the kinds of things we will figure out together in the Book Sales Accelerator.

Working with a coach is not a small financial investment, but it is often the fastest way to see real results.

It would be wrong of me to suggest that if your book is not currently selling that you will sell 1,000+ copies right away when we start working together. It will take time to implement improvements to your marketing and to see those changes pay off.

But together, we CAN make it happen.

So, do you want to join me in the Accelerator and let me show you how to get where you want to go?

Apply here for the Book Sales Accelerator!


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