June 29, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About The Book Sales Accelerator

Oh, hello there person after my own heart! I see that - just like me - you like to do some thorough research before whipping out the credit card. I mean, it's the sensible thing to do, right?

Or maybe you're here because you're just curious about my enticingly named program!

Either way, here’s everything you need to know about my 1:1 coaching program in a skimmable format. Enjoy!

What exactly is Book Sales Accelerator?

This is my 6-month 1:1 coaching and implementation program.

The aim is for you to discover (and implement) a book marketing system that puts an end to time-consuming scattergun tactics and you in control of your book sales, so you can finally go from that best-kept secret to best-selling author.

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel so proud to call yourself an author, knowing your books are reaching the people who need and love them.

Why’s it called ‘Book Sales Accelerator’?

I know that most authors don’t write books for fame or fortune. It would be nice to cover costs, but you’re not in this for the money.

That said, since writing your book you’ve probably discovered that sales are more important to you than you first realized, and not just because sales = income.

Sales may be important to you for many reasons:

  • they mean your work is being read and enjoyed!
  • they validate the time and effort you’ve invested in your book.
  • they mean that you can keep doing this thing that you love - writing!
  • they mean that those around you - friends, family, colleagues - start to take your writing seriously.
  • they mean that you can start to take yourself seriously, and maybe even quit your day job…

So while you may write books for reasons other than financial gain, sales matter. And even though the focus of this coaching program will be on MANY things other than sales, selling more books is what we will ultimately be working working towards. 

Who is the Book Sales Accelerator coaching program for?

While I’d love to work with everyone, I only have so many hours available to work privately with authors, so I’m looking for some very special people who are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and commit to the work we’ll be doing together. 

Here’s a rundown of who I’m looking for. 

You must:

  • Know that the key to success is in your own hands and you’re willing to go all-in with the work it takes to share your writing with the world.
  • Recognize that marketing your books is your job, no one else’s, and that no book, no matter how good, will sell itself.
  • Believe in your book(s). While it’s normal to doubt ourselves at times, you need to believe deep down that your book deserves to be read. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself self-sabotaging when it comes to marketing.
  • Want to build a community of loyal readers who love and support your work.
  • Have sufficient money to pay for coaching. Often it can be motivating to have to stretch to pay for something, but I don’t want to anyone to get into debt.

I work with fiction, non-fiction, trade published and indie authors, including those yet-to-publish (it’s never too early to start growing your readership!), as long as you have a can-do attitude and a willingness to experiment to find what works.

Who isn’t the Book Sales Accelerator coaching program for? 

Obviously you could just reverse the list above but I do have some extra suggestions for who I’d discourage from working with me 1:1:

  • If you feel like you can't make time for it. If you truly feel like that, it probably means book marketing isn’t your priority right now.
  • You’re looking for a silver bullet. Working with a coach can be the fastest way to see results, but it’s not immediate. Plus your results will directly correspond to the work you put in, so if you’re hoping for miracles, you will likely be disappointed.
  • You’re looking for someone to do everything for you. Again, working with a coach can be the fastest way to reach your goals, but only if you’re willing (and excited!) to take ownership of the work you need to do.
  • You’re solely focused on book sales and not on growing a readership. There’s nothing wrong with that, but other strategies may be a better fit for you than the ones I suggest in the program.
  • You’ve already got a book marketing system in place that works for you and sells your books easily.

How could it help me? 

The main thing you’ll get out of the Book Sales Accelerator coaching program is a personalized book marketing system that puts an end to time-consuming, headache-inducing trial and error and allows you to grow your readership and sell more books - steadily, consistently, and without overwhelm.

Side benefits include:

  • A decrease in marketing stress as you discover a reliable book marketing system that works for you and your books and fits in with your life. Want to get off that social media hamster wheel? We can make a plan for that!
  • Spending less time marketing and more time writing - meaning you will have more books to sell! You will have more time for the other things in your life that are important to you, too. And you can stop spending time and money on every shiny book marketing tool or course that pops up.
  • Getting clear on who your readers are and how to reach them
  • Improving your visibility and optimizing your online presence, so you can sell more books more easily
  • Connecting with real readers in a meaningful way and growing a community of loyal fans who will support you throughout your writing career.

And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll have the confidence and belief in yourself to call yourself an author when someone asks you what you do, which, let’s face it, is priceless.

I mean, should I go on..? 

Or shall I just put the application link here >>> Apply for the Book Sales Accelerator!

What exactly will we cover in the Book Sales Accelerator program?

Here’s what we’ll be working through:


  • Learn who your ideal readers are and where to find them, so you can finally start reaching them with your marketing, and turning them into fans of your books.
  • Meaning no more exhausting and disappointing spray and pray marketing tactics needed!


  • Set up the infrastructure - your website, email and social media presence - that will allow you to grow an audience of loyal fans who love your work and support what you do.
  • Meaning easier book sales, more positive reviews, and reaching more readers as a result of social sharing from your fans.


  • You can't sell your book if no one knows about it. We’ll find a reliable way to get you in front of your ideal readers, let them know you exist and invite them into your world. I will introduce you to some of the most effective ways of connecting with readers through outreach, and support you as you implement what you learn.
  • Meaning you can stop wasting time and energy on marketing activities that give no return (social media, anyone?). Instead, you’ll have total confidence in what you need to do to get your books into readers’ hands.


  • Discover the content you should be creating and for which platforms, so you can engage and nurture your ideal readers between book launches without trying to be everywhere.
  • Meaning you’re spending as little time as possible creating blog posts and social media content for the maximum return. Unless you enjoy hanging out on every social media platform for hours, catching up with comments when you should be writing your next book?


  • Are you worried about coming across as 'salesy'? I'll show you how you can take the ickiness out of marketing and earn the right to sell, so you can sell more books with less effort. Plus, we’ll position your book as a must-read, not one of the many thousands of forgotten titles languishing at the bottom of Amazon’s vaults
  • Meaning your book becomes more visible and sales become inevitable!

My coaching program is underpinned by my More READERS Framework and will ensure we cover each of the above steps. But the beauty of 1:1 coaching is that depending on your individual needs, we can spend more or less time on each step as needed.

How does it actually work?

You'll get 6 months' support, including 2 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls per month. As this is private coaching and not a one-size-fits-all course, it can be completely tailored to you and your needs. In short, you will get an absolutely personalized approach. We will dig into what you want to achieve and how you like to work.

You will also have unlimited email access to me between our calls to ask questions or request feedback.

Platform: Zoom, live video sessions, from the comfort of your own home. Coaching sessions will be recorded and shared with you privately for you to refer back to.

You will be able to book your coaching sessions for a time that's convenient for you via my online calendar.

You will receive swipe files, templates and checklists as necessary to support your learning and implementation.

How much is it?

One payment of $3,500 or 6 monthly payments of $610.  

How do I get started?

You can apply now here! Once you send in your application, you’ll hear from me within 48 hours. We’ll then hop on a call to explore your goals and see if the program is a fit. You can ask me any further questions you have on the call as well.

Of course, if you still want to do some more research (I get it, you love reading!), you can check out the sales page here.

The bit where I ask you what’s going to happen if you wait

Seriously, I don’t want you to say ‘ooh, it’s not the right time’ and then hear that you’ve gone and splurged on some complicated Amazon ads course that you’re not ready for.

Ads can be useful, social media definitely works for some authors and promos can work a treat when used strategically…

But what is right for you, your books, your readers, and for right now?

Individual tactics only work when you know how and when to slot them in to your overall plan.

And if you want to enjoy book marketing, you’ll want to be sure you’re seeing a return on your efforts and investments.

Yes, I said it, it really is possible to enjoy book marketing!

Apply now >>> Apply to work with me privately in the Book Sales Accelerator coaching program.


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