December 1, 2017

Book marketing frustrations – survey

by Belinda Griffin

I’m curious, if you have published a book, do you struggle to get exposure or make sales?

If you’re yet to publish, are you building your platform?

Judging by the number of books, websites, courses and services out there, it seems that book marketing is still a big problem area for authors. But with all these solutions on offer, why is that? Why hasn't the problem been solved?

I’m working on a cool project that I think could really help authors, but I still need to refine my ideas. Now I don't want to create another me-too solution that promises the earth but fails to deliver. I am only interested in helping authors reach their goals.

How do I intend to do that I hear you ask? By asking you what you want!

Before I move forward, I would love to have your input to find out exactly what you’re struggling with and where you need help. I’m running a very quick anonymous survey here: Book Marketing Frustrations Survey.

The survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete and I’m happy to share the anonymised results once I’ve collected the numbers needed - I think the results will be interesting for everyone! So whether you’re published (self/trad/hybrid) or yet-to-publish, be sure to have your say.

Take the survey!

The survey is now closed. But you can read a summary of the responses in the post Top 3 book marketing frustrations you need to know.

The information you give will not only help me to develop high quality book marketing services, but also ensure I’m providing the most useful and actionable free content here on my blog.


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