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The most comprehensive program for building a platform that supports your writing career

Author Platform Masterclass is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to grow an engaged, loyal readership — but how to leverage it to sell more books and make the impact you care about making.

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Identified your target reader and where to find them, so you can get in front of them and invite them into your world - in a way that feels comfortable and non-promotional
  • Learned how to write a solid pitch, what to include in a media bio and where to pitch your ideas, so you always get a 'yes'
  • Cracked the expert topics, media outlets and story ideas you need to secure your own media exposure, so growing your author platform and marketing your books will finally feel like play
  • Learned how to leverage media opportunities and promote your appearances the right way, so you see real results from your efforts
  • Created a compelling reader magnet and optimised your website to collect new subscribers to ensure you attract as many readers as possible
  • Crafted an email welcome sequence that nurtures new subscribers and introduces them to your work in an authentic way, so you engage readers, rather than simply 'grow your list', and sell more books

Most importantly, you will have developed a reliable, authentic system for reaching fans, growing your author platform and generating books sales, without letting book marketing take over your life, zap your energy or blow your budget!

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Dr Nicki Steinberger

I landed 6 podcast interviews...

From the get-go, working with Belinda opened my eyes to new ideas to connect with my ideal readers, nurture new relationships, and enhance my exposure. During the short time we worked together, I landed 6 podcast interviews, updated my email sequence copy to bring it current and relevant to my book and teachings, and clarified my vision for my upcoming course/program. Above all, my inspiration and empowerment as an author rose considerably.

DR NICKI STEINBERGER // Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes

Alexandra Amor

I was so impressed...

I was overwhelmed with all the book marketing options available to me, and that overwhelm had led to paralysis. There’s so much advice out there and much of it conflicts. I was so impressed with Belinda’s knowledge of the book marketing landscape, her awareness of what authors struggle with, and her ability to communicate which actions to focus on in order to get results.

ALEXANDRA AMOR  //  Cult, A Love Story

Nick Duerden

New and fresh ideas on how to market my book...

Belinda gave me new and fresh ideas on how to market my book, and how to bring it to the attention of those that matter most: readers. She is perceptive and assertive, she thinks outside the box, and she gets results.

NICK DUERDEN  //  The Smallest Things: On the Enduring Power of Family - A Memoir of Tiny Dramas

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